Gazala's Story

Gazala’s Restaurant is the creation of Gazala Halabi who celebrates her heritage as an Israeli Druze. The Druze is a religious minority that lives in harmony in Israel. They are known for their hospitality and warm welcome of visitors. The foundation of this hospitality is a tradition of great respect for guests and the desire to give. The doors of the Druze homes will always be open to you and wonderful food will be served. Members of family gather and share their homemade cooking with each other.
Gazala’s fondest memories in life have come from her upbringing in Daliat el- Carmel, Israel. As a young girl, growing up in Israel, where her family operates a restaurant and her grandmother owns a spice shop she creates the food she grew up eating. Gazala prepares all dishes from scratch using imported spices,herbs and olive oil from Lebanon. Her recipes have been handed down from generations. Gazala prepare all of her food with the same pride and heart as her grandmother did.